The trading templates in this category allow you to view and work with trading signals based on the strategy guide ‘Trading Leveraged ETFs with Connors RSI’ by Larry Connors, Cesar Alvarez and Matt Radtke.

You can find the Trading Leveraged ETFs with Connors RSI Strategy guide here.

These templates will help you locate stocks and ETFs that meet the prescribed criteria.

All of these trading templates are available in the EdgeClub and can be run end-of-day or intraday to get the latest performance reports and trading signals.

The templates in this category are as follows:

The strategy guide reports backtest results over 6 years of historical data using a selection of symbol lists:

  • 2xEquityL 2x Leveraged Long Equity ETFs
  • 2xEquityLS 2x Leveraged Long and Short Equity ETFs
  • 3xEquityL 3x Leveraged Long Equity ETFs
  • 3xEquityLS 3x Leveraged Long and Short Equity ETFs
  • 2x3xEquityL 2x and 3x Leveraged Long Equity ETFs
  • 2x3xEquityLS 2x and 3x Leveraged Long and Short Equity ETFs

Each of these lists can be found within the main category worksheet under the ‘Symbol Lists’ tab. To locate the main category worksheet, click on the ‘Trading Leveraged ETFs with ConnorsRSI’ category icon:

Trading Leveraged ETFs with ConnorsRSI category Icon

And then select the ‘Symbol Lists’ tab from the worksheet that is displayed:

Symbol Lists worksheet within the category template

Follow the instructions in this worksheet to create a symbol list for use in the EdgeClub software.