For the week ending May 1st 2020, here’s a quick summary of the US Market Week

SPY Unchanged from previous Friday BUT hit a major technical level during the week: The 61% Fib retracement.

SPY hit its head on the 61.8% retracement level and started selling with increasing implied volatility

SPY Put and Call options declined in premium across all durations and deltas:

SPY Put and call option %gains/losses for Week Ending May 5th 2020
Deltas range from +1 on far right to -1 of far left

US Market Summary Flashes warning across ALL major markets

%B levels of ALL major market indexes enter warning stage

Best Performing Industry Group was Cruise Lines

Cruise lines were the best performing Industry Group for the week despite a poor Friday

Low ranked stocks outperformed


An important level (the 61.8% retracement) was tested during the week and appeared to offer major resistance. The SPY was unchanged from prior Friday but volatilities across the board increased. The US Market Summary report is showing a warning across the board for all US Major Markets.

Stocks with the lowest rankings outperformed stocks with the highest rankings.

The reports were produced using the following EdgeRater templates in conjunction with HGSI data:

  • US Market Summary Report
  • Warehouse Report
  • Good Bad Ugly Report for Industry Group Indexes
  • Generate Indexes From Warehouse

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