The new EdgeRater EdgeClub is a monthly subscription service consisting of a software platform and monthly trading templates that are automatically downloaded to the platform. The trading templates allow you to perform a number of different types of stock market analysis including:

  • Scanning for stocks meeting certain technical analysis criteria – both End-Of-Day and Intraday
  • Reports on trading strategy performance
  • Market Summary Reports
  • Automated Backtesting
  • Getting stock price and technical analysis data into Excel
  • Current stock rankings and historical chart of rankings
  • More to come on a monthly basis

The EdgeClub Software Platform

The software platform that is part of the EdgeClub is a stand-alone software application built on the award winning EdgeRater PRO v5 software with some important new enhancements:

  • A special EdgeClub templates area
  • Intraday update of data
  • Automation of Trade Simulation and Backtesting
  • Fully 64-bit enabled to take advantage of today’s desktop processing power

Features From EdgeRater PRO v5

To get started with the EdgeClub software features that also exist in EdgeRater PRO v5, please visit the quick-start sections of the v5 documentation:

Getting Started With The EdgeClub Trading Templates

This blog post is all about getting started with the EdgeClub templates area.

The Templates Pane

By default the templates pane appears on the right of the screen. It has 2 columns: categories and templates. The categories column lists all categories that are currently part of the EdgeClub. If you click on any of the category icons the templates column will show templates belonging to the category.

You can re-arrange template categories and templates within the categories by dragging and dropping one category or template above or below another.

The Template View

When you select a template, the main area of the screen will show the template, for instance selecting the category ‘2-period RSI Pullback trading’, and then selecting the template ‘Scan – All Exits’ will show the exits scan template in the main area:

The template info tab of the template contains a description and instructions on how to run the template.

The Symbol List Pane

Some templates require a symbol list in order to run. If a symbol list is required then the Symbol List pane will become enabled and you can then choose a symbol list to use with the template.

For more information on adding symbol lists, see the EdgeRater PRO v5 documentation section on Symbol Lists.

Running a Template

Most of the templates you find within the categories are runnable templates. If a template is runnable, the ‘Run’ button in the main menu will be enabled:

When you press the ‘Run’ button the EdgeClub software will process the template to produce a report defined by the template.

The report will be displayed in the template area and will replace the template that was previously there.

You can then browse and interact with the report directly from within the EdgeClub software. For instance you can double click on any of the report cells to bring up a chart of the security positioned at the correct date for the row or column that was clicked. In the above screenshot for example, clicking on cell C4 will bring up a chart of ATVI positioned so that you can view the date 11/2/2012:

A yellow annotation will be added to the chart pointing out the relevant price and date.

The report is associated with the original template, so that when you navigate to another template in the template pane and then back to the original template the report will be displayed instead of the template.

To reset the template area so that it shows templates instead of reports, use the ‘Reset Templates’ button in the menu area:

Anytime you run a template to generate a report, the report will also be saved to the {Documents}EdgeRaterReports directory on your hard drive so that you can view the report in Excel or an Excel compatible application.