Hello and a Happy New Year to everyone!

Regular visitors to this site may have noticed that the blog hasn’t been updated in a while and it is entirely my fault!

The Reason?

I have been feverishly working away on the development of EdgeRater PRO v5.0 and it seems to have taken all of my attention.

The Solution?

Well – EdgeRater PRO 5.0 is now finally finished in development and can be downloaded today. There are a ton of great new features and easier ways of accomplishing tasks. A lot of thought and testing has gone into this version and I’m sure that everyone will appreciate the ease-of-use and features that are now available.

Check out the videos section of this site to get a glimpse of some of these new features and then log-in (existing users) or create a free registration and log-in (new users) to find the download location.


Chris White
CEO, EdgeRater LLC