The internet has been abuzz of late regarding sightings of the infamous Hindenburg Omen.

“The Hindenburg Omen is the alignment of several technical factors that measure the underlying condition of the stock market such that the probability of a stock market crash is higher than normal, and the probability of a severe decline is quite high”. – Robert McHugh, Ph.D 2007 Report.

This is a signal to sit up and take notice of because there has never been a significant stock market decline that was not preceded by a confirmed Hindenburg Omen.

On Friday I recorded a video with Ian Woodward where he discusses the history of the Hindenburg Omen and the recent signals and I show you how to find the signals using the new Hindenburg Omen template in EdgeRater.


This is extremely topical at the moment as everybody and his brother is looking for signs of a market top.

I have also updated the website to make it easier to take the trial and see the complete list of trading templates:


Happy Trading!