The ETF Trading Bandit forever free trial allows you to see the trades triggered by  Larry Connors’ ‘High Probability ETF Trading’ RSI25/75 strategy.
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So far this month there has been 1 long side trade from the group of 20 ETFs that have been used as the test list in Larry’s book.

Here’s that trade:

Trade Details:

  • Entry signal fired on 11/1/2010 @9.92
  • EWJ Purchased next day at open @9.98
  • Exit signal fired on 11/4/2010 @10.25
  • EWJ Sold next day at open @10.29

Total length of time in trade: 4 days

Total P/L: 0.31 or 3.1%

You can follow along with the trades generated from the RSI25/75 strategy for free forever with the ETF Trading Bandit trial:

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Once you are convinced that you want to trade these signals you can get access to the full PRO version of the program which includes this strategy along with the other 6 High Probability ETF trading strategies from Larry Connors’ book.

The PRO version also allows you to view as many ETFs as you like, so instead of the 20 default ETFs you can get signals for over 800 that are traded in the US.