A few months ago, Yahoo was bought by Verizon and soon after their free end-of-day stock data service was cut-off (without warning). That action affected a lot of companies and customers including EdgeRater users who relied on the Yahoo data provider to fetch data from http://ichart.finance.yahoo.com

Prior to that event Yahoo data had been very reliable, only experiencing very infrequent outages that lasted at most a day or two. Those infrequent events did have a temporary impact on the EdgeRater users who used the Yahoo provider but the service always came back and continued to provide good quality data (both dividend and split adjusted).

The data that is available now from the Yahoo website is lacking in a lot of areas. The dividend adjustments are no longer available and it’s hard to say how good the data quality is anymore.

Enter EdgeRater Data…

After researching long and hard for a way to bring excellent quality US stock data to EdgeRater users for a reasonable cost we are now proud to introduce our new EdgeRater data provider. Here are some of the features and benefits:

  1. End-of-day updates available 1 hour after market closes
  2. Daily update about 50x faster than Yahoo
  3. Professional grade data with history back to 1996
  4. Dividend and split adjusted for 8000+ publicly traded US equities
  5. Maintains a local database on your hard drive for super-fast on and offline access.
  6. Requires only 1GB of disk space for all the data (Plus 1GB for maintenance)

How to Use EdgeRater Data

Using the new EdgeRater data provider is extremely simple. There is a one-time configuration step and then a daily update step.

One Time Configuration

In the list of data providers within EdgeRater you will now find a new ‘EdgeRater’ provider:

You place a check mark next to EdgeRater if you want to use it as your default provider. Making it a default doesn’t mean that you can’t get data from other sources, it just means that when you create a new symbol list, if you don’t specifically set a data provider for that list it will use the default provider. The default setting also affects some templates that fetch symbol data dynamically. The templates in these cases will use your default provider to search for that symbol data.

If you have already set a default provider such as HGSI you may want to keep that as your default to ensure that templates targeting HGSI specific symbols continue to fetch data from HGSI. The Market Summary Template in the HGSI category is an example of this type of template. If you don’t have any other data provider and you only want US equities then check mark EdgeRater as your default provider.

Configuring an Individual Symbol List to use the new provider

Each symbol list in your system can fetch data from a different location. Each list has a data provider setting which controls where the data for that list comes from. When a new list is first added it will get data from the default data provider unless you go and change the provider by editing the list.

Updating the Data

Press the EOD update button to fetch new data for the list

The first time you do an update a full database will be downloaded from EdgeRater and it will be stored in your {Documents}\EdgeRater\Snapshots\Master folder on your hard drive. Subsequent updates will only download partial data containing the day’s changes (new data, corrections, adjustments) and these partial updates will be applied to the master database. At any given time you will have the latest available data in the master database. Any time you update an individual list it will first check to see if new data should be downloaded for the master and then it will update itself from the master. This ensures lists containing the same symbols do not cause a lengthy internet download for each symbol for each list.

The first update will be available about 1 hour after the market closes. Another update will be available before the market opens the next day and it will contain the final cleaned/corrected and adjusted data should any adjustments be needed.


EdgeRater premium data is the same data that is available from Quandl (our premium data provider) at $50/month. EdgeRater premium data is currently available on a trial basis to all users of EdgeRater free of charge. After the trial period you can add EdgeRater premium data to your account for only $27/month (paid annually). If you subscribe to EdgeRater templates or re-subscribe before the trial period ends the premium data will be included in your subscription and it will be grandfathered in for future renewals. In case you are wondering, the annual template renewal price is only $24.75/month (paid annually) and so the big secret is that an EdgeRater templates subscription is the way to ensure you get both premium data and new templates cheaper than data alone!

To re-subscribe to templates and take advantage of this deal, please log into your account on edgerater.com or send us a message.


EdgeRater data is the new professional quality end-of-day US equities data available in EdgeRater. It is 50 times faster than Yahoo! and available only 1 hour after market close. It includes split and dividend adjustments and is super-easy to use.

Purchase a copy of EdgeRater today and you will be grandfathered in to having Premium data included free in your templates subscription.