Once you have settled on a trading system you can always refine your system by applying tags to each trade and monitoring the performance of trades in a particular tag group.

That’s the purpose of the EdgeRater Profit Boost template.

You can apply built-in or custom tags and they can be lookup values or indicator ranges.

The built-in seasonal tags are lookup values that lookup based on the trade entry date. Those tags are:

  • Day (Mon – Fri)
  • Week (1 – 52)
  • Month (Jan – Dec)
  • Year (1900 – 2021)
  • Day of Month (1 – 31)
  • Trading Day of Month (1 – 23)
  • Trading Days ’till end of Month (1 – 23)

After running the Profit Boost template with these seasonal tags you see the tag performance in terms of Final Equity and Final Max Drawdown

But you can also tag with technical indicator ranges to see if an indicator shows any edge with your trades, in the following image the trades have been tagged with Above or Below to indicate where price was on the entry date in relation to various moving averages.


Take a look at the 4th video in the Guide To Testing Your Trade Idea series to find out all the results and how to run these scenarios yourself.