Here at the 2009 Las Vegas Trader’s Expo, taking a look around at the old and new products and listening to the hype. The Expo seems smaller this year, and also it is now on the 2nd floor instead of the 3rd. Makes choosing the escalator over the elevator more practical.

This morning I took a quick breeze through the exhibition hall and stopped by to talk to some of the exhibitors. The more I see the more I get excited about EdgeRater. The features and performance and graphics in EdgeRater far outclass anything here including a yet to be released product that is going to be in ‘limited availability’ in December.

I think there is a real advantage to being the sole person responsible for the software development plan and also being a trader and using the software for my own trading.

These other guys with developers who don’t trade, and multiple salesmen who may or may not communicate the feedback from these valuable customer contact events to the development team are at a real disadvantage when it comes to getting the needed features into the product and providing real innovation.