This coming Wednesday (August 4th 2010) I will be hosting a Webinar with Ron Brown and Ian Woodward centered around integration points between EdgeRater and HGSI

We have a limited number of seats (already sold-out once and had to increase availability), so if you are interested, please sign up immediately.  For those of you who cannot attend, we will record and post the webinar.

Sign up here:
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We plan to discuss three topics:

1.  I will give an overview of EdgeRater and HGS Investor integration.
2.  Ron will backtest for signals using Elder’s Force Index.
3.  Ian will discuss %B buckets and how they reflect market conditions and market extremes.

These and similar ideas will be covered at the HGSI October seminar in Palos Verdes.  I will be attending and demonstrating version 4.0 of EdgeRater with an emphasis on integration with HGSI software.

The webinar will last one hour and will begin at 3:15 Central time.

Sign up here:
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Chris White
CEO, EdgeRater LLC